and explorers

So this is one of my best friends from college.
She called me last week: “Come to my farewell party tonight. I’m leaving tomorrow morning for Hong-Kong”.
What a little bitch. I hadn’t a glimpse of idea she was leaving. It’s astounding how people you see everyday might hide you things like that.
But I’m not sad, coz’ I plan to move & settle down in Asia very soon. So that we’ll travel again together across a bunch of amazing countries, sleeping on wet couchettes in Vietnamese trains from Hanoi to Saigon, riding buses rooftops to cross frontiers between the Golden Triangle looking for clandestine casinos and smoke opium, sailing on wooden boats to reach unknown islands in South China Sea…
Those girls you briefly see in the subway and that vanish in the air one second after
Riding a bibycle at 6am on Paris empty Champs Elysées makes her happy
Rainy summer in Paris
Best friends
This is how we do
Mayday (the party is turning mad)
Paris Ferris Wheel
What’s wrong with my boobs?
Golden hour