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Mayday (the party is turning mad)
Paris Ferris Wheel
What’s wrong with my boobs?
Golden hour
Love fades
Days of heaven
Anonymous — Love your blog xo what app do u use for the filter ?

Why would I lose my time with a smartphone?

dariusthefaun full respect et admiration mec

Venant d’une personne dont j’admire le travail & dont j’envie secrètement la sensibilité artistique, ça me touche. Merci Jeune Faune

Anonymous — So do you use just a regular disposable camera as stated in the tags..?

Affirmative. When I use my Canon AE-1 it is stated in the tags also (haven’t been using it for a while, though).

Anonymous — Where do you live? Generally, I mean

There’s no “generally” in a student’s life. But if you wanna know, I just settled down in Paris for a couple of months.